Don’t believe all the doom and gloom you read and hear about regarding the housing market.

True, there are many people losing their homes in short sales and foreclosures.  True, many people currently owe more than what their home is worth.  I have represented clients in the short sale process and have also sold my share of REO’s.  I have received that call from the frantic homeowner asking my advise when, often times, it is too late.  It’s emotionally upsetting for everyone and can suck you into that vortex of thinking the worst.

There is the other side of the coin, as well.  The side that is positive and that you don’t read or hear about – especially, lately.

The truth is – the buyers are out there, they are motivated and homes are selling.  Income properties are getting all cash offers – so are many of the “great deal” REO and short sale properties.  High priced homes are getting close to their asking price and selling within days of being listed.

I hosted an open house on Mother’s Day and was surprised at the number of people that came through.  These were not neighbors and looky loo’s – these were serious prospects.  Prospects smart enough to know that this is a good time to buy a home and sophisticated enough to know that you can’t always follow what you read and hear.